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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Transition into Fall

Whether you're walking around campus or heading to work, it's time to transition your summer looks into fall looks. There's still room to hold on to some summer essentials. Meanwhile, fall is around the corner, here are some fall essentials from designers this season. I've picked out my top trends for fall 2014.

Designers like Helmut Lang, Thakoon, and Sally LaPointe flooded the runway with looks involving a new twist on turtle necks. Turtle necks is truly a classic essential but this year experiment with the extreme turtle neck detailing.

One of my favorite fabrics of the season is definitely knitted fabrics, a stylish way to stay warm. This trend on the runway can be seen from Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney.

The bigger the better! The XXL coat is a major hit on the runway this fall. Stay warm from head-to-toe all in one piece. It's a great layering piece. You can find this trend in Dior and Calvin Klein fall collections.


As far as footwear, sneakers are thing to rock. This season keep your sneakers on hand as well as your boots. Designers like Marc Jacobs, DKNY, and Chanel helped put this trend into action.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Living for Others

In life, we get a chance to do things for others and allow them to see someone cares. Two months ago, I shaved my hair. It got donated to locks of love for cancer patients. If blessed with something as beautiful as my hair why not share it with others.

I went through many stages in this journey. I temporary knew what it felt like to get crazy looks in the streets for being bald. My first week being bald, I decided to wear wigs in public. I felt like I wouldn't be able to handle the public and its reaction. My self- esteem did get affected since it was such a major difference. However, I started wearing my head out in public but wore my wigs to work by the second week. I continued wearing the wigs to work for a month, unsure of what my coworkers would say. I had to deal with people in my personal life and outsiders. My 4 year old sister became terrified of me, not knowing if I was ill or not. So the awkwardness from everyone followed me everywhere. I remember even the lady at the wig store thought I was ill. Luckily, I was able to inform people that I wasn't. Most people I know didn't know I shaved my hair until two months later. People in my personal life couldn't understand why I would cut my hair. Alot of the people had ignorant comments about it, stuck in the close minded long hair stereotypes. This hair cut actually made me realize some of my true "friends" or even separate the boys from the men. Alot of guys found it hard to adjust so I got kicked aside. I definitely had moments when I thought I made a mistake but often I was reminded that it was for the best.

Two months later, I am pleased with my decision and my looks. I'm proud of myself that I went thru with the decision and focused on what truly matters! I definitely appreciate my compliments more than ever lol. It was a great experience and still continuing with it! I'm thankful I did it with these extremely hot days, it definitely makes a big difference in staying cooler. Did I mention, getting ready in the mornings became so easy and quick. The way I see it, there's way more perks than i can ever imagine! I rock my new look with proud! Live for others and support a great cause, donate however you can! I support breast cancer patients; I'm not afraid to show it!

Two Months Later!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Personal Style

Quick post! I haven't done a personal style post in awhile.I've noticed color skinny jeans are back so I paired a royal purple jean with my multi-color tweed jacket.

And I'm wearing three layer earrings that I love but my hair hides them lol. Speaking of my hair, I started using Carol's Daughter Lisa's Hair Elixir in my hair. I sooooo love it, it really makes my hair luminous and healthy!

I'm getting into ALOT of things so Im staying busy, opening up more opportunities everyday!
~XoXo Symone Starr

Friday, February 10, 2012

NY Fashion Week: Thursday Recap

Nicholas K.
Richard Chai

NY fall fashion week has finally started, yesterday was the first day. My school is actually broadcasting it live throughout the school all week long, so thankful since I couldn't attend this year's event. Collections from Nicholas K, BCBG, Kaelen, Richard Chai, Tada Shi Shoji, and others presented yesterday! The Nicholas K collection was a great mixture of an edgy urban cowgirl. BCBG incorporated exceptional color pallets in its Fall collection, in a color blocking pattern. Richard Chai's collection stayed safer to the fall colors with darker tones mix, beautiful construction of coats & jackets. The Tada Shi Shojio collection had a wide variety of gowns, with different shape fitting, detailing, and color range! It's one of my favorites thus far! Looking forward to Fridays's presentations!
BCBG Fall 2012

Tada Shi Shojio

Friday, February 3, 2012

Inspiration Board (Spring)

INSPIRATION BOARD: Spring, is known for blooming colors and light fabrics! The fabrics on my inspiration board are textured fabrics, lace fabrics, and printed fabrics. I used eye catching colors. I also added some runway looks ,designers include Betsey Johnson, Mara Hoffman, Elie Saab, and Dean Quinn. On top of everything is China Vogue Jan 2012!

 “In this collection I thought about a very modern princess, I though of the fairytales which all girls dream of in order to come up with this collection which I hope you’ll like. Concerning colours, I thought of very soft colours but ones that still retained the dazzle I wanted to achieve in this collection,” Elie Saab.

"And I just wanted, you know, to express this attitude of pride and confidence in your body"
Betsey Johnson

Dean Quinn collection is filled with aquatic, cut out dresses!

Morra Hoffman collection is all about bold prints and accessories, tropical take on safari suit!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


A big beauty trend for spring is a bold lip color. Instead of purchases a million colors for every outfit, you can create a personalize color within a minute! Surprisingly, I only used things that were already in my cosmetic bag.

Things Needed:
  • Eye Shadow (choice of color)
  • lip Gloss
  • toothpick or plastic knife
  • little containers                                                        

Easy Steps

1) Scrape eye shadow into little container
2) Stir in choice of Lip gloss or lip balm
3) Mix until color is rich
4) Apply to lips
5) Personalize with your lip liner

The finish product :)


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spring 2012 Trends

Fashion is ahead of the time. While people are wearing boots and coats, designers are showcasing spring fashion shows. Recently, I reviewed the latest spring fashion shows among many designers; I manage to pick 5 constant trends within the shows.

1) Baring Mid-Section 
As temperatures get warmer we tend to shred the layers and expose more skin!

2) Separates/Suites
Mix-match colors or same color separates! A formal casual look & easy to create!
3) Lace Effect
The laser-cut trend provides a classy way to show some skin!

4) Daring Print
Eye catching print explosions, it'll make anyone get noticed among a crowd.

5) Peplum
This detailing flaunts and enhances curves on any woman. First, popular in the 1940's & now its making a comeback!

  • On-trend colors to try this season include posy pink, burnt orange, fuchsia, tangerine and rose-with some camel and cream mixed in for good measure. 

                                                  Here's Spring 2012 Trends video, enjoy!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Retro Soul

I live in a time machine. I enjoy visiting many eras for style inspiration. Recently, I took a stop in the 80's. An era of color and different clothing shapes/fitting.
Look: Here, I'm wearing pair of hot pink harem pants with a zebra print. I paired it with a black shoulder padded cardigan and black shoes!
Accessories: Butterfly pendant bracelet (Clarie's) & Vintage earrings, color block detailing

Hairstyle: Something new, its a sleek up-do with a large bun on the side. I have alot & long hair, so I twisted my ends and wrapped it around the base of the bun.