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Monday, July 2, 2012

Living for Others

In life, we get a chance to do things for others and allow them to see someone cares. Two months ago, I shaved my hair. It got donated to locks of love for cancer patients. If blessed with something as beautiful as my hair why not share it with others.

I went through many stages in this journey. I temporary knew what it felt like to get crazy looks in the streets for being bald. My first week being bald, I decided to wear wigs in public. I felt like I wouldn't be able to handle the public and its reaction. My self- esteem did get affected since it was such a major difference. However, I started wearing my head out in public but wore my wigs to work by the second week. I continued wearing the wigs to work for a month, unsure of what my coworkers would say. I had to deal with people in my personal life and outsiders. My 4 year old sister became terrified of me, not knowing if I was ill or not. So the awkwardness from everyone followed me everywhere. I remember even the lady at the wig store thought I was ill. Luckily, I was able to inform people that I wasn't. Most people I know didn't know I shaved my hair until two months later. People in my personal life couldn't understand why I would cut my hair. Alot of the people had ignorant comments about it, stuck in the close minded long hair stereotypes. This hair cut actually made me realize some of my true "friends" or even separate the boys from the men. Alot of guys found it hard to adjust so I got kicked aside. I definitely had moments when I thought I made a mistake but often I was reminded that it was for the best.

Two months later, I am pleased with my decision and my looks. I'm proud of myself that I went thru with the decision and focused on what truly matters! I definitely appreciate my compliments more than ever lol. It was a great experience and still continuing with it! I'm thankful I did it with these extremely hot days, it definitely makes a big difference in staying cooler. Did I mention, getting ready in the mornings became so easy and quick. The way I see it, there's way more perks than i can ever imagine! I rock my new look with proud! Live for others and support a great cause, donate however you can! I support breast cancer patients; I'm not afraid to show it!

Two Months Later!

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