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"A place where various kinds of artists are feature"

February 2012 

Paris Jones, from Los Angeles, a singer/rapper/producer. In his latest single, “Ashley Brown,” Paris tells the story about a girl with whom he had a friendship, but never got the opportunity to go any further. #friendzone From hearing other joints from Paris Jones, you can tell that this track is unique and he is attempting to diversify and create new music for himself and his fans. Check it out!


 Artist: M.I.A     NEW SINGLE!!
 She's back on the music scene with the first single from her upcoming fourth album, set to drop in the summer. It’s what you expect from her sonically: a mishmash of frenetic drums, crashing hi-hats and a Bollywood-style flavoring.

January 2012 
Artist: Lykke Li

Lykke Li, a 25 year old Sweden born is my first musical feature. The singer/songwriter music style is a combination of pop, indie rock, and electronic.

Take a  listen of one of my favorites:

Tonight by LykkeLi

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